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Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile device, social networks, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers. Some marketing professional see digital marketing as an entirely new endeavor that requires a new approach to customers and a new understanding of customers compared to traditional marketing.
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Digital marketing targets a specific segment of the customer base and is interactive. Digital marketing is on the rise and includes search result advertising, email advertising and promotional tweets - anything that combines marketing with customer feedback or two-way interaction between the company and the customer row.
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Digital marketing poses special challenges for suppliers. Digital channels are evolving rapidly, and digital marketers must stay up to date with how these channels work, how recipients use them, and how these channels are used to market their products. effectively. In addition, it is increasingly difficult to attract customers.
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The results of capturing and using data effectively underscore that digital marketing requires a marketing approach based on a deep understanding of the customer. For example, it might require a company to analyze new patterns of consumer behavior, such as using website heatmaps to learn more about the customer journey.

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